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1. I know. I have been here before.

2. I know. I have swum in it before.

3. I Know. I have stayed there before.

4. I know. I have seen it before.

5. I do. I have eaten them before.

6. I know. I have done it before.


1. No, thank you. I have just eaten one.

2. No, thank you. I have already seen it.

3. I have already rung her up.

4. It is. I have already begun clean my teeth.

5. But I have just come back from the shop. Here is the bread.

6. No, thank you. I have already eaten some.


1.been(3 форма)-Past  Participle

2.swum(3 форма)-Past  Participle

3.stayed(не относится,значит -ed-)-не относится

4.seen(3 форма)-Past  Participle

5.eaten(3 форма)-Past  Participle

6.done(3 форма)-Past  Participle


1.eaten(3 форма)-Past  Participle

2.seen(3 форма)-Past  Participle

3.rung(3 форма)-Past  Participle

4.begun(3 форма)-Past  Participle

5.come(3 форма)-Past  Participle

6.eaten(3 форма)-Past  Participle