Помогите ,завтра контрольная!!1Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense and voice.
The Times_____(to be)a daily national newspaper published in the United Kingdom.First it_____(to issue)in 1785 and___(to have)the title The Daily Universal Register.It____(to found)by John Walter who ____(to change)its title to the present one.Since then The Times ___(to be) the original Time newspaper, lending its name to many other newspapers around the world,such as The New York Times or The Times of India.The newspaper____(to print)in broadsheet format for 200years.But since 2004 its size ___(to reduse)to compact to attract younger readers


Ответы и объяснения

The Tmes is
First it was issued ... had the title...
It was founded by John Walter changed its title ...
has been the original ...
has been printed in broadsheet....
has been reduced
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у вас же там конкретные индикаторы времени
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