Письмо другу с ответами на вопросы собеседника и со своими вопросами собеседнику... 100-150 СЛОВ


Ответы и объяснения

Hello my dear friend , I miss you very much .

How are you doing ? What's new? I would immediately respond to your letter , but in the last two weeks I had a lot of school work . Not enough time to carry out their plans and write you a letter . Now I sit and write to you.
My business is great. In school, too , and you like . Necessarily all niches.

We have already come winter . On the street is warm and sunny all day long and soft snow falls . Do you like ? A few days ago told me to read an interesting book. I read it and would like to introduce you to this author. Are you ready to read good literature ?

Tell me more about school work and leisure . Are you all satisfied? What are your plans for the summer? Can we meet sometime ?
All the best. Waiting for a letter :)