Ребят,прошу,очень надо(и не через переводчик)
Измени вопросительные предложения в утвердительные:
1. Will they come tonight?
2. Has Tom painted this portrait?
3. Do you want to go to Paris?
4. Have the girls gone home?
5. Did they go home at six o’clock?
6. Has he drunk all the whisky?
7. Does Graham speak Spanish?
8. Have they sold their old car?
9. Did she visit Tom every day?
10. Has she changed much?


Ответы и объяснения

1) They will come tonight.
2)Tom has painted this portrait.
3) I want to go to Paris.
4)The girls have gone home,
5) They went home at 6 o'clock.
6)He has drunk all the whisky.
7)Graham speaks Spanish.
8)They have sold their old car.
9)She visits Tom every day (здесь неправильно задан вопрос т.к. Present Simple) 
10) She has changed much.