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The film that left a deep and lasting impression on me is a great work of James Cameron direction – “Titanic”. This is feature colored film of more than 3 hours long. This film was released by Columbia Pictures associated with 20th Century Fox. For Russian audience it was doubled by several TV companies and channels.The director of “Titanic” is well-known Canadian James Cameron famous for his huge budget movie hits. “Titanic” deals with a tremendous disaster which happened on April, 14 1912 in the Atlantic Ocean when more than 15 hundred people died in freezing water after the enormously huge and luxurious passenger liner “Titanic” had sunk.On this background the love of two young people strongly separated by position they took in society was growing.  This story is not quite typical, more likely it’s a story of prohibited feelings among the tragic events.The climax of the story is simultaneously the moment when Rose (American aristocrat betrothed to a rich and hopeful suitor) and Jack (free-spirited poor artist who won his 3rd class passage in a card game) despite of great difference between them understood that their love was true and the only thing really worth living.  In the same time the liner collided with an iceberg and began to sink.The end of the film is quite logical. Rose whose mind and soul have totally changed after Jack’s death hid from her suitor and begins a new life under the surname of the man who could never be her husband but whom she really loved. Rose refused the false glint of her aristocratic past.All the scenes in “Titanic” are skillfully directed and show the logical development of the events and changes in characters.“Titanic” has got an all-star cast for the main characters. Kate Winslet and Leo Di Caprio play the lead. The supporting roles help the plot to develop in natural way and emphases all the dramatic nature of the story to make it full of serious content. All the actors created the true to life images of their characters which is proved by the fact that the movie has won universal acclaim and has got a powerful impact on the public.