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1)some people try ti read up about the places of interest they are going to visit. They say the more the tourist knowns about the place of interest the more he/she can see. Some people don’t want to know about the place before the visit it. What do you think abouti it?
2) the 20-th century was the age of modern architecture and tall buildings. Some think skyscapers spoil the wiev of the old towns. What do you think


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1) I would say that it is true. The author is holding the idea that it is important to know about places that you're going to visit. I think tourists cram a lot of information about recreation, attractions, hotels and stuff like this before they go to visit any places. It's necessary because it helps to not to get a shock or even get lost in a strange city.
2) The skyscapers totally represent the modern view of the town. In my opinion, it doesn't spoil the old town at all! Otherwise, it makes it look more bigger or more fashion-ish to live there