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He has just read book.

She has just come to school

I have just taken a shower

You have just swum a hundred metres

He has just given a lesson

She has just closed the window

He has just fallen down

We have just written a test

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1.She has just read the book. They have just read the book.

2. He has just come from school. We have just come from school.

3. She has just taken a shower. I  have just taken a shower.

4. He has just swum one hundred metres. They have just  swum one hundred metres.

5. She has just given a lesson. They have just given a lesson.

6.He has just closed the window. We have just closed the window.

7. She has just  fallen down. I have just fallen down.

8. He has just  written a test. They have just written a test.