1. Name of my language English
2. It is the official language of (names of the countries) ________
3. How many people speak it as a first language ________
4. People understand it in (names of the countries) ________
5. How many people speak it as a second language ________
6. Origins of my language ________
7. Languages that contributed to my language ________
8. English words in my language ________
9. Easy things for foreigners in my language ________
10. Difficult things for foreigners in my language ________
11. Why should people learn my language? ________


Ответы и объяснения

2.England,USA,Ireland,Canada,Malta,Australia,Pakistan,Republic of India,new Zealand.
3.About 410 000 000 english speaking.
4.England,USA,Ireland,Canada,Malta,Australia,Pakistan,Republic of India,new Zealand,in many countries in Africa.
5.About 1 000 000 000.
6.It is a West Germanic language.Comes from Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.
7.English originated from the fusion of closely related dialects, now collectively termed Old English, which were brought to the eastern coast of Great Britain by Germanic settlers.
8.Every single word.
9.Simple rules,simple words.
10.many exception of rules.
11.Because it is worldwide language.