Express the same in English,use articles a/an, the or zero article, some or any^) Помогите пожалуйста!


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A) 1) I like drinking tea with a lemon
2) The lemon on the table. Cut it.
3) Go to the shop and buy some apples and a lemon.
4) I need some lemons for the cake. Buy lemons, please.
1) Pass me the glass of milk
2) Butter are made from milk
3) The milk is cold.
4)Is there any milk in the fridge?
5) I don't like milk but I want to drink some milk now.
1) The butter is fresh. You will like it.
2) Where is the butter?
3) Put the butter in the fridge.
4) Give me some butter. A piece is enough
5) Is there any butter in the house?
6) Butter is a dairy.
1) Three teas, please.
2) Would you like some coffee or a tea? (возможно также "would you like some coffee or some tea?)
3) English people prefer to drink tea with some milk and Russians prefer to drink tea with a lemon
4) There isn't any tea in the tea caddy. Buy some tea, please