Помогите пожалуйста, нужен рассказ " your last weekend", для 3-го класса. СПАСИБО!!!


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My weekend. 
On my weekend I sleep 'till I didn't wake up by myself. I began my weekend from cooking my breakfast, washing my face and feeding my cat. At the weekend I don't usually make by bed because I live alone and nobody scold me about that. On my weekends I'm preparing my physics, English, as I understand these subjects worse. If I'm done with my work in time for dinner I'm going to invite all my friends and we are going ride a bikes if it's summer or play football, and winter ice skating and skiing if it's winter. I have weight with dumbbells at home to keep my fit, I train with weight and dumbbells mostly on my weekends, because during the week I go to the gym and that's enough for me. 
My last weekend!
On Saturday I went to school after school I walked with my best friends. We went to circus, it was wonderful. Also I went shopping with my parents.
On Sunday I slept for along time, and waked up when time was 12 o'clock. At 3'o'clock I went to the cinema with my sister. In the evening I did my school homework.