Напишите, пожалуйста, сочинение по английскому языку про школу. Желательно, чтобы он был на английском языке.

а переводчик на что?
School is our second home. I often hear it from the teachers. And I agree with them. I like to go to school because here I can learn more about the world around me. I communicate with a big number of people. And this helped me to make new friends. Besides this the school teaches us how to behave correctly with senior people as well as the friends.

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  • Gerdo
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Each day in school looks like a magical trip to unknown worlds. I have different lessons like History, Literature, and Math where teacher shows me different pieces of our big world. I like History most of all as in this way I can get to know about the events that took place many years ago. I learnt about big number of persons whose names we remember for today.

Some pupils do not like school as they have certain problems with study. But I think that when you want you can overcome any problems. Moreover the teachers in our school are always very friendly. They always try to help every pupil to understand the material and get the better marks.
I can always ask teacher if something is unclear for me. Besides this, teachers are going with us to different museums, exhibitions, parks telling us many interesting things and teaching us to become cultured persons.
School gives me a lot of knowledge and helps me to get prepared for the grown-up life.
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