составить 5 предложений с прямой и косвенной речью (С ПЕРЕВОДОМ)


Ответы и объяснения

1.1 The professor said to his assistant, "You have made geat progress".
1.2 The professor told his assistant that he had made great progress

2.1 The teacher said to us, "You must read this text at home"
2.2 The teacher told us that we must read this text at home. (при переходе в косвенную речь глагол must, выражающий приказание или совет, не изменяется)

3.1 Paul said, "We shall have to discuss this text tomorrow"
3.2 Paul said that they would have to discuss that text the next day.

4.1 We asked him, "What has happened to you?"
4.2 We asked him what had happened to him.

5.1 She asked me, "Where have you put my gloves? I cannot find them"
5.2 She asked me where I had put her gloves and added that she couldn't find it.