Напишите правила игры "Прятки" на английском языке. (3-5 предложений)

Rules of the game of hide and seek
At the beginning of the game all come together , subsequently leading , standing against the wall and said loudly to 100 (or any other number) . Others at this time hiding. Counting to 100 , leading the search is hidden . Sometimes before this supposed to say " one-two- three - four - five , I'm going to look for all of you ." Seeing hiding , he must first reach the place where he began a quest to touch the hand wall and say " check " .
Each was hidden first tries to do the same . The next is the ducting of hiding who zachekali first , and if not zachekali anyone - the same as last time. " Hide" behind or next to a driving impossible.

To the west is also common version of the game , which is called
Vaeth " sardines " . In this embodiment, one hiding and seek it all the rest. Finding hiding , the player joins them. The game ends when the last player added to all the others.
He declared the loser and usually hidden next. In sardines often play in the dark.

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To play hide and seek need at least 2 people. Initially, the facilitator should count to the desired number. While leading believes other players must hide. When the master finds all the people elect a new leader.