Нужен рецепт на английском языке по приготовлению блинчиков, ПОМОГИТЕ ПЛИЗ!!!


Ответы и объяснения

Pancakes "Under the mum's recipe" 

1 liter of milk 
5 eggs 
1/3 чайн. L. Salts 
2 table. L. Sugar 
Floor of a spoon of baking soda 
A little lemon acid (on a knife tip) 
2-3 table. L. Vegetable oil 
One and a half glass of boiled water 

The recipe: 
1. At first we shake up milk with eggs, we add in the shaken up mix sugar and salt, again we shake up. Then we add soda and lemon acid. 
2. We add a flour in a mix until it isn't becomes similar on liquid сметанку. The quantity of a flour will depend on the size of eggs. Approximately 4 glasses (first dough hardly more densely, than usual batter) usually leave. 
3. In turned out mix we add vegetable oil and it is lead up to the necessary consistence by means of boiled water. 
4. We leave dough for 15 minutes to have a rest. Then as usual we bake pancakes from both parties. 

Cunning: a frying pan we smear with oil only once. Pour a spoon, heat and pour out it in dough (besides already added). Thanks to this cunning pancakes don't stick to a frying pan. Which, by the way, should be special, блинная. 

Stuffing choose to own taste. It is possible to stuff, it is possible to strew a sesame or to smear pancakes with honey.