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 Many people, especially middle-aged, do not like today's youth. They vulgar lifestyle, faulty communication, drunkenness, stupidity. Such thoughts shared russian family Miheeva.  Daughter of their family went to my high school in the 10th grade, when the incident took place. It all started with one of the favorites of class -Andrey  Erohin. In essence, this is a typical "golden boy" of the family of thieves. Later, when all the alcohol kick from the soul, but were able to go somewhere, the whole company got into the parent car (Land Cruiser 200) and made the Paris-Dakar on our quiet area . Reaching into the next yard, Andrey Erohin saw Sasha Rumin, who was walking with the dog, and for fun. Andrey decided to accelerate and slow down his car in front of her. He miscalculated and Sasha broke both legs and crushed the poor animal.