Задайте специальный и общий вопрос к каждому предложению.

1)I have just opened the window.

2) He has already locked the door.

3) She has cooked dinner.

4) We have cleaned the room.

5)I have never been Raris.

6 We haven't seen the Tower of London yet.

7) I haven't bought the textbook yet.

8) She has written a poem last year.


Ответы и объяснения

1)Who have just opened the window?
2)What has he already locked?
3) Where has she cooked dinner?
4) When have we cleaned the room?)
5) Where have I never been?)
6) Who haven't seen the Tower of London yet?
7) Why haven't I bought the textbook yet?
8) When has she written a poem ?