Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Continuous.10. When I (to meet) Tom, he (to go) to the shop. 11. When I (to look) out of the window, the children (to play) hide-and-seek. 12. I (to go) to the theatre yesterday. 13. At seven o'clock yesterday I (to go) to the theatre. 14. What you (to do) at 5 o'clock yesterday? -I (to play) the piano. 15. When I (to come) to ' school, the children (to stand) near the classroom. 16. We (to play) in the yard the whole evening yesterday. 17. When I (to prepare) breakfast in the morning, I (to cut) my finger. 18. Last year I (to go) to the United States. 19, You (to go) to Great Britain last year? -- No, I (to go) to France. 20. What you (to do) yesterday? — I (to translate) a very long article.

When I to met Tom, he to went to the shop. When I looked out of the window, the children played hide and seek. I went to the theatre yesterday. At seven o'clock yesterday I went to tetras. What were you doing at 5 o'clock in the evening ? -I played the piano. When I go to a school, children standing near class. We were playing in the yard yesterday evening. When I was preparing Breakfast in the morning, I cut my finger.
Last year I went to the United States.
Вот продолжение с 19 по 20: 19. You went to Britain in the past year? - No, I went to France. 20. What did you do yesterday? - I translated a very long article.

Ответы и объяснения

10)was meeting   went
11)looked out   were playing
13)was going
14)was doing
15)came   were standing
16)were playing    
17)was preparing      cut
19)Was you going to Great Britain last year? No I was going to France
20)What did you do yesterday?  was translating