Составьте предложения с каждым из словосочетаний(перевод дан): 1.Put down-записать,поставить; 2.Put off-отложить; 3.Put on-надеть; 4.Put up with-мириться, терпеть


Ответы и объяснения


1. She put down flowers in a vase and went to cook dinner.

2.  I put off  all the lessons and went to the movies.

3. a girl put on a nice jacket 

4. He did not want to put up with me


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  • zorbing
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What is your telephone number? I'll put it down.

We decided to put off the trip because of the weather.

You should put on your warm jacket. It's cold and windy today.

She will not put up with smoking in her house.