Помогите пожалуйсто составить диалог на английском языке про доктора и больного . что то типо здрсте что у вас болит и т д

-I have a cough. -Let me examine you. You Dean? -Yes,I-DIN. "Take off your t-shirt. *Listened to the patient* -Dear Dean ,you have bronchitis. How did you manage? -I played in the snow and strongly wet,Doctor,faster? I really want to go. -Yes,of course. Keep a piece of paper here all the medications. -Thank you. -That the
Сперва:-Doctor Winchester? -Yes,come in. What's wrong?

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-hello, can you help me?
-hello, what ails you?
-I have toothache every night
-ok, well take the chair how, we will examine you
-thank you