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Red Square

There are several places in our capital, where each visitor must come. One of these is the Red Square. Between St. Nicholas and Spasskaya Tower of Kremlin wall there, which restricts the area. At the door you can see Lenin's tomb guard of honor - is still standing Kremlin garrison soldiers. They guard of honor. Very beautiful sight can be observed when changing of the guard. Once it is time to change the gates of the Spasskaya Tower can be seen as the two guards and Diluting, enunciating his stride, walking towards the mausoleum across Red Square, and as soon as the chime sounds of chimes, they replace guard time. They seemed to freeze in place.

For several decades have passed since the death of the leader, but to date endless stream of people who want to look at him. This tourists from our country and foreign guests. Even when the museum is closed, still there is always a human, they just look at this shrine and think about something else. Planted around the mausoleum is very beautiful silvery spruce them carefully tended planted new trees, so it seems that they were there and always will be. For Mausoleum buried such great people of our country, as Sverdlov, Dzerzhinsky, Frunze, Kalinin, Zhdanov. Many mass graves. In the Kremlin wall, you can see the inscription on immured urn that holds the ashes of prominent people: leaders of this government, party, science, culture, heroes pilots, balloonists.

Before Spassky Tower, at the descent to Moscow - the river, you can enjoy the most valuable monument of Russian architecture - St. Basil's Cathedral, and St. Basil's Cathedral. It was built in the time of Ivan the Terrible (sixteenth century). This grand building was erected to commemorate the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan city. For the Russian people, this temple is the same as that for the French building Notre Dame Cathedral, for the Indians - the Taj Mahal, for the Austrians - St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Italians - St. Peter's Cathedral.

A large number of important historical and public events take place on the Red Square. This popular uprisings and massacres (quartering in 1671 peasant uprising leader Stepan Razin, for example). Here our leaders pronounced fiery speeches. During the war, with a parade dedicated to the celebration of the revolution, our Soviet soldiers went to the front. On the Great Victory parade, which was held in the summer of 1945, the walls of the mausoleum threw Nazi banners. Red Square is the pride of the Russian people. It is a symbol of our country.
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