Что можно написать в презентации ко дню св валентина по английскому?


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Историю , как празднуют в разных странах и что принято дарить 
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Скачай уже готовые презентации и возьми оттуда текст) а так
St. Valentine's Day falls on February 14th and is the traditional day on which lovers in let each other know about their love. They send Valentine's Cards, which are often anonymous, that is unsigned. The love notes that people make are in the form of "Valentines". Modern Valentine symbols include hearts and the figure of the winged Cupid. In the 19th century lovers used to send notes with their own hand writing and now the tradition is mostly to exchange mass-produced greeting cards. Approximately one billion Valentine Cards are sent each year, making this day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year behind Christmas. And 85 percent of those who buy "Valentines" are women.