Английский!!! Пожалуйста напишите по одному ключевому вопросу к каждому параграфу. Write a key question to each paragraph. всего 5 вопросов.

1) The value of an administration depends on the way its staff is deployed, according to the efficiency of the regulations and the processes of allocation, promotion, secondment and so on. The use, which is made of public servants, can contribute also to their training and development. Lastly morale and efficiency are always influenced by the quality of the management, which the official is subject.

2) Personnel management is relatively simple when it concerns officials recruited to fill a specific post, who do not belong to any particular corps and are not in the career service. Where they are concerned there is normally no question of promotion, transfer or secondment, since they are bound to the State by bonds identical to private law, their dismissal does not raise any special difficulties.

3) Personnel management is very complex when it concerns career officials. The difficulties arise round the following problems, some of which concern noncareer staff, too: - To what extent should personnel management be subject to general and compulsory reglementation? - To whom should it be entrusted? - What considerations should guide the principal management measures? - How can good human relations be established within the civil service?

4) Personnel management is that part of management concerned with the management of people at work.

5) Most organizations have a specialist personnel department which gives support to personnel specialists, managers and supervisors, who have direct responsibility for the management of people.


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1. What does the value of an administration depend on?

2. When is personnel management relatively simple?

3. Around what problems do the difficulties arise?

4. What is personnel management?

5. What does a personnel department do?