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On the 11th of September in 2001 there was a great terrorist's attack in USA. Terrorist's group Al- Qaeda took 4 passenger's airplanes to make a terrorist attack. Two of those planes were crashed into the North and South Towers of  World Trade Center in New York. The third one crashed into the Pentagon and the 4th in the field. Many people suffered and died.Many families lost their relatives. This terrorist's attack also made the USA's economy suffered very much.
One friend of my aunt suffered in the incident on the road. One day she was going home on her car. She stopped on the red light , but suddenly one man in his car appeared on the road and crashed into her friend's car. She called the police, but that man went. Her car had a bad look. The police promised to find him. That man has drunk I think. He wasn't right when he drove his car on the red light. Because of him aunt's friend's car suffered. She wasn't injured, but now she is more careful on the road and more scared.