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Football is the world`s most popular sport game. Certainly football requires a lot of effort, volitional and moral qualities of a man but what kid would not want to test himself. Today football really has become mass sport. In the world there are millions of football players, thousands of teams from major league clubs to children`s amateur teams which regularly organize competitions for different prizes. I am also a passionate player and a fan of the game and of course a fan of CSKA. And my favorite sport is football. When I was small I was very fond of watching football games on TV. ThenI grew up and began to chase the ball. At first, this game attracted me with a beautiful ball and a bright form. A bit later I was plunged in a deep reverie, why I liked football. May be because it is a mobile game, more than one person, a small team is involved in it. A victory of the team depends on the game of each person. This game tempers health, trains will, fellowship and helps to become hardy and strong. We often play football at physical education lessons in autumn and spring. We ignite with this game in such a way that don`t notice how the lesson passes. Noticing our enthusiasm for the game our physical education teacher Pyotr Vasilyevich Makarov agreed to train us in this kind of sport. And during the summer holidays we come to the village (I live in the village of Sigachy) football field and play football. I wish everyone to love this sport because football is great.I love fojtball
I want to tell you about football. this is a very interesting game and I play it only boys, but there is an exception been playing hockey and girls. this is called the women's football. in football play only your feet. keep hands cases, the collected data can not be taken. if you take the hands it is a fearful.