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напишите на английском языке.
Написать факты о британского образа жизни


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Write facts about the British way of life
не сами факты
не, сами факты
Я думал по английский надо перевести ))
Name «big Ben» is used to denote the bell, not hours, as is commonly believed.
Name «London» capital of the UK received comparatively recently. Before that, the city was called Люденвиком (Ludenwik), Лондониумом (Londonium) and Люденбургом (Ludenburg).
French was the official language in the UK for over 300 years.
The shortest war in history of the UK was in 1896 Zanzibar. Army of Zanzibar has surrendered to 38 minutes after the start of the war.
In the UK there is no such point, which was removed from the sea more than 74.5 miles (about a hundred kilometers).
The first telephone book published in the UK, contained only 25 families.
In London opened its first store, which sold hot chocolate.
UK residents speak more than 300 languages.