You have received a letter from your pen friend Matthew, who writes:
...I'm going on a coach trip to the coast in two weeks and I'd like to take a good book with me to read on the journey. Can you recommended one? What's it about? What did you like about it?
As for my other news, I've decided to take a year out next year before going university...

Write a letter Metthew. In your letter:
1. answer his question
2. ask 3 question about his year out
Write 100-140 words. remember the rules of letter writing


Ответы и объяснения

Dear Matthew,
Thanks for your letter.  The trip is a gret news! I'm very happy for you! As for your question connected with a good book .. I'd like to recommend you my favourite book "To kill a mockingbird". It was written by  american author Harper Lee. The main character of this book is little girl Scout Finch. She is the youngest child of Alabama town's lawyer.The author tells how she and her elder brother Jem learn about fighting prejudice and supporting human dignity through the example of their father. What I lIke the most is how this book combines  serious problems and humour. 
Sorry, but I have to go now. By the way, why did you decide to take a year out? What are you planning to do? Are we going to meet this year? Please, wrate me back