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Hi -hold two pieces , choose any . you can add something from yourself .Good luck and success - !1.Rabota , as they say , has turned into a monkey man. Although many who are in doubt now , but the fact remains that people in fact no work can not exist. After a life that makes any sense . I think that the more a person works , the more he feels his value, feels that it is necessary not only himself and his family , and the entire society . After work brightens our lives , gives the opportunity to learn something every day.
Of course, should be and stay, but the rest is the most fit and full when it is after a man a good job . He feels satisfaction that day was not in vain, and he was able to achieve something substantial .
2.Work - it's independence, it is a sense of independence from others. When you receive a reward for their work or money, then not only feel satisfaction from the fact that you can now spend on something, and the joy of being my own boss .
And if you want to achieve something , you must work hard. After all, in front of you waiting for the results . And only depends on you , what they will be : to satisfy you, or vice versa, will frustrate . And if you start to work earlier , the earlier you get results.
I want to believe that people never cease to work , feeling a constant need to work , not for nothing they say : "Steel is tempered in the fire - and people at work ."