1.We….in London now.

A.live B. lives C. have lived

2. Last night I….a wonderful dream.

A. have B. had. C. am having

3. I have many friends….are interesting

A. It
B. Them C. They

4. I can see a lot of…in the yard.

A. childs B. children C. childrens

5. India….in Asia.

A. is situated B. is proud of
C. is interested in

6. My parents…allow me to go out.

A. doesn’t
B. don’t C. not to

7. We are going to the theater… Sunday.

A. in B. on C. at

8. It usually…me ten minutes to get to the Post

A. take
B. took C. takes


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1. We live in London now. (Мы живём в Лондоне сейчас)
2. Last night I had a wonderful dream. (Прошлой ночью мне приснился чудесный сон)
3. I have many friends. They are interesting. (У меня много друзей. Они интересные)
4. I can see a lot of children in the yard. (Я вижу много детей во дворе)
5. india is situated in Asia. (Индия находится в Азии)
6. My parents don't allow me to go out. (Мои родители не разрешают мне выходить)
7. We are going to the theater on Sunday. (Мы идём в театр в Воскресенье)
8. It usually takes me ten minutes to get to the Post Office. (Обычно у меня уходит 10 минут чтобы добраться до Почтового Отделения)