Помогите сочинить сочинение на английском "День рождение в России" с переводом!!!!!!!!!!!плииииизззз!


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In Russia dnyuha is a solemn day and a favorite holiday for a large number of people. On a day whose families was planned holiday house is always full of guests, who are invited to the birthday boy 's parents or the birthday itself . In connection with this , cover the festive table , and all guests are treated to a variety of goodies : pies , bun and bread loaf . 

In honor of the birthday sing songs, dance , play a variety of fun and games , in other words, have fun and enjoy . Very often it happens sometimes even if the birthday boy is a child , it is dressed in a smart suit, bake a cake or pie and put a candle in it , as much as he or she turns today . Dozhzhen child blow out the candles , preferably the first time and make a wish. Back in Russia, there is a ritual , rather a tradition - the birthday wag his ears as many times as this year he turned years. 

In other countries , too, have their own customs and traditions , but in every country they are in their own varied and interesting in its own way . Here are some examples : a pop- up birthday - in the air - in England, the tip of the nose smear butter - in Canada, pull the earlobe in Brazil, as well as many drugih.Den birth and always found some unusual day , as it marks as to new and unexplored step back in the life of this man. 

Celebrate this holiday or not, whether to comply with all the customs and rituals that exist in each country - is the personal nature of each . Because birthday - is primarily personal holiday . The main thing is that it was a positive , because it is the day of your birth - day of joy earth that God gave each of us an opportunity to communicate , to love and fall in love, to realize themselves in this beautiful world . 

And already this alone is worthy to highlight this holiday among the other days!
Не за что)**
что еще за днюша!? столько не правильных и не грамотных слов!!!
и построение предложений тоже не правильное!
не рекомендую это переписывать