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1. There IS a telegram on the table. 
2.ARE there any telegrams from Moscow? Yes, there ARE some. 
3. WILL there BE a flight for Moscow tomorrow? Yes, there WILL. 
4. There WAS much snow last winter. 
5. There ARE a lot of stars and planets in space. ..
6. WILL there BE a lift in your future house? ..Yes, there WILL. 
7. Some years ago there WERE many old houses in our street. 
8. WERE there any lectures yesterday? No, there WEREN'T. 
9. IS .there a lamp over the table? ..Yes, there IS 
10. ARE .there any interesting stories in this book? 
11. WAS there a test last lesson? No,there WASN'T. 
12. Soon there WILL BE a new film on.
а 13???)
точно не знаю но думаю что так
there is many problems of environmental pollution in the oil industry
от души братуха