Ответьте на вопросы письменно( информацию для ответа на вопросы можно взять любую, главное чтобы были примеры ответов)1.​ How many rooms are there in your flat?2.​ What is there in front of the house?3.​ Your family watches the TV set in the sitting room, doesn't it?4.​ What are winter months?5.​ When does it often rain?6.​ Which do you like better skiing or skating?7.​ Do your parents always agree to what you say?8.​ What can you say about your grandparents?


Ответы и объяснения

1)In my home three rooms
2)in front of the home lawn
3)yes my family watching television in the living room
4)December can still survive but January and February is the coldest month
5) rains not frequent.
6)I prefer horses because figure skating has beautiful and cool tricks
7)I sometimes argue with them because they do not understand me
8)my grandmother prepares the best meat pies especially and grandfather repairing cars. he is in a professional

От меня:не думаю что это 10-11 класс) но обращайся помогу