вставьте слова в нужной формеIt often happens that one kind of sport gives birth to another. This is the case for bandy. It probably originated as a form of field hockey on ice and is the 1__________________ likely ancestor of modern ice hockey. MORE The origin of the sport is not known. "Bandy" was often used as a term for any game 2__________________ with a stick and a ball. The players pushed the wooden ball with the stick. PLAY Bandy was originally a form of field hockey, held on grass during the summer and on ice during the winter. By the 1890s it 3__________________ mostly an ice sport. BECOME Modern bandy 4__________________ in England about 1800 in Bury Fen. CREATE The region had many marshes that froze quickly during the winter and were 5__________________ than ponds because they're obviously shallower. SAFE A Bury Fen player introduced bandy to Sweden in 1894, and it 6__________________ quickly to other Scandinavian countries, as well as Switzerland, Germany, and Russia. SPREAD The Bandy World Championships have been held since 1957 with Russia and Sweden dominating. Another major international tournament is the World Cup in Lusdal, Sweden. This annual tournament 7__________________ in October with the best club teams from each country competing. HOLD


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