Переделать в Пассивный залог Очень срочно!!!

1. Keats wrote this poem.

2. A car
ran over our dog.

3. They did
nothing until he came.

4. What questions
did the examiner set?

5. The
orchestra played that piece beautifully.

6. The fire
destroyed many valuable paintings.

7. Lions
attacked the travellers.

8. Did
anybody ever teach you how to behave?

9. Did the
noise frighten you?

10. Her beauty struck me deeply.
Очень срочно


Ответы и объяснения

1) This poem is wrote by Keats.
2) Our dog was ran over by a car.
3) Nothing was done by them until he came.
4) What questions were set by the examiner?
5) That piece was beautifully played by the orchestra.
6) Many valuable paintings were destroyed with the fire.
7) The travellers were attacked by lions.
8) Were you ever taught how to behave (by anybody)?
9) Were you frighten with the noise?
10) I was deeply struck by/with her beauty.
Могла напутать с by/with.