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1. The official name of Britian is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
2. The UK is located in north-west of Europe.
3. The UK has four administrative and political units (historical provinces):
England (39 counties, six metropolitan counties and Greater London) - the adm. London Centre 
Wales (22 unitary education: 9 counties, three cities and 10 towns, counties) - the adm. Centre of Cardiff 
Scotland (12 areas: 9 districts and 3 major territories) - the adm. Edinburgh Centre 
Northern Ireland (26 counties) - the adm. Centre Belfast.

4. The capital of Britian is London
It`s the river Thames.
6. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.
7. Capital of Wales is Cardiff.
8. Capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.
9. The symbol of England is the Red Rose
10. The symbol of Scotland is the Thistle.
11. The symbol of Wales is the Narcissus.
12. The symbol of Nothern Ireland is the Shamrock.Сообщение удалено. 
13. Scotland's national costume is a kilt.
14. National instrument of Scotland is bagpipes.
15. British celebrate Christmas on December 25.
16. Christmas dish in England is fried or stuffed turkey.
17. West coast of Great Britain is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.
18. East coast of Britain is washed by Pas-de-Calais.Сообщение удалено.
19. It's the English Channel.
20. The largest island among British islands is the United Kingdom.
21. Array of Snowdon - the highest point of Wales and is located on the north-east of the country.
22. The highest mountain peak of Britain is Snowdon.
23. The most famous forest in England is Sherwood Forest.
24. Loch Ness monster is an urban legend, according to which in the Scottish large monster Loch Ness lives.
25. The Queen’s House is the Tower of London.
26. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown lives in his summer residence Chequers.
27. It`s Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
28. The Tower of London was a former state prison.
29. Tower of London - a fortress, as well as one of the main symbols of the United Kingdom, occupies a special place in the history of the English nation.
30. Ravens live in the Tower of London.
31. There is Nelson's Column.
32. Big Ben is the name of the largest of the six bells of Westminster Palace in London.
33. Madame Tussauds is the largest and the world famous of wax museum.
34. The Gulliver's Travels was written by Jonathan Swift.
35. The Treasure Island was written by Robert Stephenson.
36. It`s Daniel Defoe.
37. At the Battle of Trafalgar was won by the British.Сообщение удалено.
38. St. Paul's Cathedral was built in 1675-1710 by the architect Christopher Wren.
39. The head of the UK is the Queen.
40. Bicameral Parliament comprises the upper house called the House of Lords, and a lower chamber.
41. There are 760 people.
42. There are 659 people.
43. It is Vestminstrsky palace.
44. The most famous University of Britian is CAMBRIDGE.
45. It were football, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, badminton, squash, hockey, boxing, snooker, billiards and curling.