Ответы и объяснения

1. when was T.G. born?
2. Did he ever leave England?
3. He was a painter of women and children, wasn't he?
4. Is G. the creator of the greatest school of landscape painters?
5. How many men made themselves known as as very original personalities?
6. How many of them were geniuses?
7. Who was the first English painter to have no training from the Dutch school?
8. Was C. the first landscape painter to consider as a primary task the scetch?
9. He introduced  green into painting, didn't he?
10. Is the name of J. T. famous above other landscape painters?
11. What is the prevailing colour in his works?
12.When did he begin oil?
13. What was his love for the sea like?
14. What did he give to his seas? 
15. What did he show in drawing ships?