ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!! СОСТАВТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА СПЕЦИАЛЬНЫЕ ВОПРОСЫ К ЭТИМ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯМ: 1) She get up at 7 o clock on Fridays. 2) First She eat breakfast. 3) Then She cycle to school and start her classes. 4) First She have got Maths and then History. 5) She dont like Maths but She like History. 6) After that She have lunch. 7) She often have pizza and salad. 8) Then She do my Science project. 9) Its really interesting. 10) She get up at 8 o clock. 11) First She eat breakfast. 12) She never eat a lot in the morning. 13) She prefer cereal and juice. 14) Then She finish her homework from school. 15)After that,She eat lunch and She go to volleyball practice with her team. 16) She train for about three hours. 17)In the evening, She phone her best friend,Lucy,and we usually go to the cinema. 18) Shes mad about films and film stars. 19) Finally He go home and go to bed. СРОЧНО)))


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1)What time she gets up on Fridays?
2)After the she gets what she's doing?
3)What she gets to school?
4)What lessons she had?
5)What lessons she don't like?
6)What she did after her lessons?
7)What she usualy eats?
8) What she did after lunch?
10)What time she get up?
11)what she did first?
12)She eats a lot on the morning?
13)What she prefer?
14)What she did them?
15)What she did after homework?
16)How long she trained?
17)What she did in the evening? And,what she usualy doing in the evening?
18)What did she do at the end of the day?