активный залог в пассивный.
1. We signed a contract in France last week.

We have obtained a license from
IBM lately.

3. You must present these drafts not later than March 25.

4. The Board of
Directors will discuss your proposals next week.

5. I bought a new computer

6. He has determined
the central problem of economics.

7. Yesterday at the
lecture we were discussing the economic situation in the USA.


Ответы и объяснения

1) The contract was signed in France last week
2) The license from IBM has been lately obtained (by us)
3) These drafts must be presented not later than March 25
4) Your proposals will be discussed by The Board Directors next week
5) A new computer was bought yesterday (by me)
6) The central problem of economics has been determined by him
7) The economic situation in the USA was being discussed at the lecture yesterday