Напишите пожалуйста рассказ про Уэльс на английском, СРОЧНО!
про их обычаи, язык, достопримечательности и т. д.
заранее спасибо.

Это для какого класса?
это 7
А автор Верещагина?
Автор учебника?
афанасьева михеева

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Wales is a part of Great  Britain. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. It is an important industrial city an port. There are  other big cities  in Wales too, Swansee and Newport  among them. St. David  is the patron saint of  Wales.
       Welsh language is spoken widely. It is the first language for many people. But  Endlish is taught side by side with welsh in schools. The population of Wales is about 2 and quater million.
      Wales is a land of green fields, forests   and farms.It is also a land of mountains and valleys, streams, waterfalls. Wales has high mountains , including Snowdon. Snowdon is the second highest mountain in Britain. 
      The welsh people are fond of folkmusic, singing ,  drama, poetry. Rugby is a national game of Wales. The welsh call their country "Сymru" and  themselves "Сymry". Wales has own flag called The welsh dragon.