Here are seven most popular subjects science fiction writers use in their stories.Choose one of them and write a science fiction story of yor own.a mad scientist goes against the laws of nature and creates destruction and chaos adventures in spacediscovering unknown worlds on Earthfuture history:utopias and antiutopiasa collision between people and extraterrestrial civilizationstravel through timemachines taking over and ruling the planet


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Mr. Johnson wasn't an ordinary person. Everyone who met him could say that Mike was  the weirdest man ever. But he also was a scientist. And instead of creating something good to change the world Mr. Johnson wanted to create an undesctructible monster. Who knows what he was thinking about while collecting parts of that beast, but soon Mike went crazy. The monster was about to become alive. It was standing behind the scientist who didn't know that the monster started to move. It was the most terryfying thing ever, its body was strong but bloody and its has four hands. Just imagine some monster from a horror movie or game. Mr. Johnson noticed the shadow of his creation but, unfortunately, it was too late - the monster attacked the man and started to tear him up into the pieces. The shout of the sientist faded away. There was blood everywhere. In several days the town where Mike lived was empty. The monster is still among us.