Write wh-question to each of the folowing sentences.
1. At first the Internet was mainly used by scientists.
2. You don't need a CD to send email.
3. They've already got a website.
4. That isn't a computer virus.
5. Bob likes sending emails ti his friends.
6. I can pay for my ticket through the net.
7. Surfing the net for information is so exciting.
8. She won't download all those documents.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Who was mainly used the Internet?
2. Why you don't need a CD to send email?
3. Who was already got a website?
4. What is that?
5. Who like sending emails to his friends?
6. What you can pay for through the net?
7. What is so exciting for you?
8. Why she won't download all those documents?