Part 1. Choose the correct item.
1. I wonder why.... late
a) they b) they are c)are they
2.It"s time to go to bed and you haven"t done your homework...
a) yet b) already c) still
3.A kiwi is a bird from New Zealand ... cannot fly
a) which b) who c) whose
4. Granny asks me... eat ice cream
a) don"t b) not c) not to
5. She asks where ...
a) do they live b) they live c) have they lived
6. Jerry asked ... snow the next week.
a) will it b) if it will c) if it would
7. .... of them lives in Vladimir?
a) Which b) Who c) What
8.The Hills ... a nice little house when they lived in Oxford.
a) have b) had c) have had
9. The Hills like their house . They ... It since 1997
a) have b) had c) have had
10. There were very ... people in the street
a) little b)few c) much


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