1. When we (to
come) to the station, our train already (to leave), and we (to have) to wait
for two hours before another one (to come).

2. I was anx­ious
to see the place where I (to spend) my child­hood.

3. Victor asked me
to explain the new rule to him, as he (to miss) the previous lesson.

4. John Gray (to visit) Russia in 1989
and (not to be) here since that time.

5. When the train
(to stop), I (to look)
out of the window but (not to see) any of my friends there. I (to send) them a
telegram and hoped that they (to meet) me. As I (to discover) later, they (to
receive) it ten minutes before the train arrived and could not meet me.

6. We were greatly surprised not to find Ann
at home. It turned out that her sister (to forget) to give her our message, and
Ann (to leave) the house fifteen minutes be­fore we (to come).

7. I decided not
to put on my raincoat as it (to stop) raining already and the sun (to shine)

8. The young people entered the theatre. The
performance already (to begin), and they (to have) to wait till the first act
(to be) over. Nina never (to be) here before and she (to like) the theatre very

9. I did not
recognize Helen as I (not to see) her for a very long time and she greatly (to

10. The sight of
the school building brought back the old days to us. Here we (to spend) many
years together. We (to learn) to read and write; here we (to experience) our
first joys and sorrows. We recollected our first day at school, how we (to
come) to our first lesson look­ing alarmed and excited.

11. When the teacher told the boy to recite
the poem, the boy (to burst) into tears: he (not to remember) anything, though
he (to try) to learn his lesson so hard.

12. Jane usually
works in the library. She (to work) there now. She already (to gather) the
necessary materi­al and now she (to write) her report.


Ответы и объяснения

1) came, had already left, had had, came
2) had spent
3) had missed
4) visited, hasn't been
5) stopped, looked, didn't see, sent, would meet, descovered, had recieved 
6) had forgotten, had left, came
7) had stopped, was shining
8) had already begun, had had, was, had never been, liked
9) hadn't seen, had greatly changed
10) had spent, had learnt, had experienced, had come
11) burst, didn't remember, had tried
12) is working, has already gathered, is writing.