Вставьте have/has + один
из следующих глаголов в третьей форме в пропущенные в предложениях места.

buy, finish, do, go, go, lose, paint, read, take

"Are they
still having dinner?” "No, they have finished.”

I _____________
some new shoes. Do you want to see them?

"Is Tom
here?” "No, he _____________ to work.”

you __________ the shopping”
"No, I’m going to do it later.”

your key?”"I don’t know. I _____________ it.”

Look! Somebody
_____________ that window.

Your house looks
different. __________ you __________ it?

I can’t find my
umbrella. Somebody _____________ it.

I’m looking for
Sarah. Where __________ she __________?

"Do you want the newspaper?” "No, thanks. I
_____________ it.”


Ответы и объяснения

1) I have bought
2) He has gone
3)Have you finished
4) I have lost
5)has done
6)have you painted
7)has taken
8)has she gone
9)I have read