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1.What is good table manners?
2.What other table manners do you know?
3.Do you follow them?

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1.What is good table manners?  Table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating: - Sit up straight, no slouching, no elbows on the table - Place serviette on lap when seated, it is good etiquette and useful too. - Wait for everybody to be seated before starting to eat. - Don't stretch across the table, ask someone to pass what you need. - Say please and thank you - not only at the dinner table, it is generally considered to be good manners. - Don't talk when you have food in your mouth and don't stuff your mouth too full. - Cut your food to mouth size pieces, don't just stab the sausage and take bites from the fork. - Chew with your mouth closed always; not only at the dinner table and don't smack your lips  noisily. - If the food is too hot, don't blow on it. Wait for it to cool or eat from the edges where its cooler.