Помогите пожалуйста. нужен текст на английском языке, в котором будет описываться краткое содержание книги "Тарас Бульба". помогите, очень прошу...


Ответы и объяснения

To the old козацкому Colonel Tarasu to the Bulba come after the release of the Kiev Academy of two of his sons, Ostap and Andriy. Two stalwart young man, healthy and strong individuals which had never been shaver, confused meeting with the father, подшучивающим over their clothes recent seminarians. Senior Ostap, does not withstand ridicule father: «Though you are my father, and as you're laughing, then, by golly, поколочу!» And the father and the son, instead of the welcome after a long absence, very serious тузят each other pocket. Pale, thin, and a good mother tries to reason with a violent husband who he stopped, satisfied that he had experienced a son. Bulba wants the same way «welcome» and younger, but that already embraces, protecting from a father, a mother.

On the occasion of his sons Taras Bulba convene all captains of hundreds and the whole regiment rank and announces his decision to send Ostap and Andria on Jan, because there is no better science for young Kozak, as the Zaporozhian Sich. At the sight of a young force sons flashes soldier spirit and the Taras, and he decided to go with them to provide them with all his old comrades. The poor mother all night sits above the sleeping children, awake, wishing that night lasted as long as possible. Her lovely sons take it; take for what she did not see them ever! In the morning, after the benediction, desperate from a distraught mother barely separated from their children and carried away in a hut.
спасибо. в переводчике переводили?