Статья на английском языке (80-100слов), не очень сложная про какого нибудь интересного человека


Ответы и объяснения

It all started, as many British guys. Senior Beckham was in love with football, he played for the local club "Kingfisher", and with the birth of David to take the game number 1 as the main component of the life of this Englishman. Ted tried to realize the only son (David has two sisters) their unrealized dreams. First toy kid had a ball, and on holidays, he regularly received new sets of forms beloved father "Manchester United" and "Tottenham", which sympathized with the family on the "territorial principle", especially in the capital derby. As true fans of the Beckhams attended all matches London "MU", and David did not initially have a choice for someone to hurt. Even as a child, Ted was the son of the games attract more adults and even children to training with his team of men, and when turned on the green David started whining, chastised, explaining that football - and the harsh game to get used to rudeness. Beckham Jr. permanently lost on the football field now older guys, among which, incidentally, was the notorious Alan Smith, who lived on the next street. Boy gradually outgrown the level of their peers, in any case, it became cool to stand out. During his childhood he managed to play for a few neighboring football teams, the longest in the "Layton" school and "Roger Morgan" ended up in the Academy of the "Tottenham". Oddly enough, there is talent "overlooked", but one of his children's tournament saw London Scout 'Manchester' Malcolm Fitzgerald ... He came to my parents David and offered to try the guy in the "MU". Naturally, Ted and Sandra were captivated by the chance, and 11-year-old David Fitzgerald went by car to the north of the country