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Напишите рассказ про Эдинбург на английском, там про достопримечательности, памятники. ( На английском)


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Edinburgh - the ancient capital of Scotland, the history of this city dates back to distant past. First time in the history of Edinburgh is mentioned in the VI century BC Before the conquest of the British Scotland Edinburgh was one the most important centers of social and political life of the country. For many centuries the residence of Scottish kings. In the XI century Edinburgh Castle was built, rebuilt and extended that until 1927. It is in this castle in 1566 Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to the future King James I.

Key areas of Edinburgh - the Old Town and New Town. The city has many small shops selling souvenirs for tourists. Edinburgh is also full of cafes and restaurants, many of them decorated in the style of the Victorian era.

The climate is temperate maritime Edinburgh, soft. In summer the temperature rarely exceeds 23 ° C, and in winter rarely drops below 0 ° C.

Edinburgh is famous for its museums. The Writers' Museum, dedicated to Scott, Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson - their visitors - are mostly creative people. Museum of Edinburgh more interesting stories connoisseurs. A Museum of Childhood, which is famous for its abundance of toys - parents with children.

Gorgeous crown of Scotland, Edinburgh - is not just a beautiful ancient city, the image of medieval architecture, streets that keep the memory of the brave knights and castles and palaces - of its kings. Edinburgh today - a place where it hosts the annual summer arts festival. Every year in August in Edinburgh attracts the best theater and concert troupe world, as well as the many millions of fans and tourists.

Edinburgh is in a wonderful location. Around him are volcanic hills. Excellent architecture moves from Edinburgh extraordinary buildings of the XVI century to monumental Victorian masterpieces and Gregorian styles, above all this castle stands majestically situated in the heart of the city on a steep cliff. List of historical and architectural buildings and structures Edinburgh has about 16,000. Many of the buildings are part of the World Cultural Heritage (World Heritage Site).