Напишите сочинение по английскому в 5-6 предложений на тему "Дом, где я хотел бы жить"


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I live in an apartment in an apartment building. There's good and comfortable, but I prefer my own country homes. The house of which I dream, was not very far from the city center, in a quiet beautiful area, maybe - near rivers or lakes. I also would like to see next to my house was a small pine grove. The house itself I imagine brick, with elegant green or red roof and large windows. It would probably two floors. Downstairs, I would like to arrange a spacious living room. There may be placed guests of friends and relatives to celebrate different holidays. In winter, there would topilsya real fireplace. In summer, there were collected at a large table on the terrace, where to go door to lounge. Still on the ground floor, I would like to arrange a kitchen and library with lots of books. Separate a small room would be arranged for our dog. On the second floor of the house of my dreams would be spacious bedrooms and two children - for me and my sister. Now we have her living room, and I would like to have your own. There I place all your own. More on the top floor would be made small beautiful balcony. I would like to live in the house, which adjoins the pool because I love to swim. Pool near the house - it is very convenient, especially in the summer heat. Near the house, we could beat the flower, and then began to garden. The garden will be fruit trees and fluffy low herringbone. On New Year's Eve you can decorate toys and garlands, and she will always remain green. On a plot near the house I would like to have a playground. Here my sister could bring their friends and play with them in the ball and other games. Between trees to hang a hammock and put benches or gazebo. In the garden we would hang birdhouses and feeders. Of course, such a house - it's just my dream, but it can be as an adult, I can carry it out!
Hi! My name is Lizzy. (Примерно) I will live in the big House. I'll have got a mini-room of your own. I'll have got a long Hall. I'll have got a big kitchen. In the kitchen I was have lunch with my family. I will have got a big living room. In the living room I and my family was watch TV, play puzzles, make a toy and take a funny photo of my family. In the Bathroom I and my family clin his toos in the morning on yesterday.

I will like my Home.