Complete the sentences.Use for or since.
1) I haven't seen my cousin Nella ______ I was ten.
2)Laura has been ill _______ three days now.
3)We haven't had a camping holiday ______a long time.
4)There haven't been any trains ______ Monday.
5)It hasn't rained ____a fortnight.
6)My gran has lived in the same house ______ she was born.
Present perfect + for and since.
1)Yuri went to hospital when he had the accident,and he's still there.
(be) Yuri's been in hospital since he had the accident.
2) Leo bought his car three months ago.
3)My uncle started to work for Microsoft a long time ago.
4)The last time I saw Harry was a year ago.
(not see)
5)Gary first met Eva in 2001.
6)My cousin went to live in Bristol in 2002.
Complete the sentences.Use for,since,during or ago.
1) My grandfather fell asleep ____ the film.
2)I haven't eaten ______ breakfast.
3)This old clock was made a long time_______.
4)I'll phone you ______ the week.
5)I haven't been to the cinema ____ ages.
6)I heard a lot of noises ____ the night.
7)I haven't worn this shirt ____I bought it.
8)That song has been number one ______ a fortnight.
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Ответы и объяснения

3 1during 2since 3ago 4during 5for 6during 7during
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2) 2 Leo has bought his car for for three months ago. 3My ancle has started to work for Microsoft for a long time ago. 4I haven't seen Harry for a year ago. 5Gary has known Eva since 2001. 6My cousin has leaved in Bristol since 2002.