Николай иванович лобачевский краткая биография на английском языке


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Born December 1, 1792 in Nizhny Novgorod. His father died when he was seven years old , and his mother , along with his three sons moved to Kazan .Lobachevsky graduated from the University of Kazan . In 1814 he began lecturing on the theory of numbers, as in 1827 , when he was a professor, was elected to the rectors and held this position for 19 years .Lobachevsky great fame is based on his geometrical research. By 1826 he determined he had developed the system as an "imaginary geometry" in contrast to " widely-used " Euclidean .Opening Lobachevsky was first described briefly in February 1826 at a meeting of the Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences , and then presented in the article " New Beginnings geometry with full theory of parallel " (" Proceedings of the University of Kazan ', 1835 ) .European scientists have learned about the work of Lobachevsky only in 1840 , and in 1842 he was elected a corresponding member of the Gottingen Scientific Society .Lobachevsky also owns a number of works on mathematical analysis . He gave a general definition of the functional dependence . In algebra, known for his method of approximate solutions of the equations of any degree , he was the first in Russia published a course of higher algebra.In Kazan University Lobachevsky lectured on astronomy and astronomical observations conducted . Thanks to his enthusiasm at the university built a new observatory, one of the best at that time . She started working in 1838 , one year ahead of the Pulkovo (now Main Astronomical Observatory, near St. Petersburg ) .Died February 24, 1856 in Kazan.In 1883-1886 years. Kazan University published " The Complete Works by Lobachevsky geometry ." In 1893, in honor of the centenary of the birth of Lobachevsky he erected a monument in Kazan collected by international subscription funds . In 1895 Kazan Physics and Mathematics Society established a prize named after Lobachevsky for outstanding work in the field of geometry. This award today awards Russian Academy of Sciences .